Organic Heritage Pork Bone-In Chops
Organic Heritage Pork Bone-In Chops

Organic Heritage Pork Bone-In Chops

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Treat yourself to some delicious goodness with our organic heritage bone-in pork chops! They're the cut above (literally!) with their juicy and tender marbling, full of bold and succulent flavor. Enjoy the real deal – these certified-organic chops are sure to make your taste buds sing!

Back 4T Farms thick cut bone-in pork chops from the rib section. You can definitely taste the difference in pastured pork with these guys! A small sliver of fat that melts in your mouth with every bite is delightful.

We always recommend brining your pork chops before you cook them. To do this add 1/4 salt to 2-3 cups of water and let your pork chops soak for at least 4 hours before cooking.

Each package comes with 2 chops. 

*Please note that not all of our pork products are labeled with the USDA organic label.  ALL of our pork is raised beyond organic standard and most of our hogs (minus breeding stock) are certified organic.  However, if we get pork processed at a USDA facility, it will not have the label.  This is because there are NO USDA organic processors in Texas, there is only 1 Texas Inspected facility in the state.