Organic T-Bone Steak on a plate with garnish and a meat mallet

Organic T-Bone Steak

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This organic T-Bone steak is a premium quality cut of beef sourced from cows raised beyond organic standards. Our organic t-bone steak combines a flavorful strip steak on one side with a tender filet on the other. Therefore, making it an ideal option for weekday dinners and weekend feasts alike. 

All of our cattle graze freely on certified organic pasture. This results in a tender and flavorful meat that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning steak connoisseurs.

What sets our organic T-bone steak apart is not just is exceptional taste, but also the peace of mind it brings. 

Whether your grilling, pan-searing, or broiling, our organic t-bone steak is perfect for any occasion. Its marbling ensures a juicy and succelent dining experience, while the combination of tenderloin and strip guarantees the best of both worlds.

Treat yourself to the unparalleled flavor and ethical choice of our organic t-bone steak. It's a culinary masterpiece that you won't want to miss.

2 steaks per package.

*When we started to raise our own cattle, my husband, Jim, did a lot of research on the best breeds for grass-fed and finished beef.  He came up with the fact that smaller breeds simply did much better on 100% pasture.  This is why we choose to raise mini varieties.  

Other standards that we uphold:

  • We raise all our our cows from birth.
  • We NEVER source our cows from auctions or neighbors to feed out for a few months.
  • We do NOT feed our cows any grain or even hay. Grass-fed and finished on pasture 100% of the time.
  • All of our pastures are certified organic.
  • We do NOT vaccinate.