Organic Heritage Smoked Bacon

Organic Heritage Smoked Bacon

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Organic Heritage Smoked Bacon

Our organic heritage bacon is made from premium cuts of sustainably raised heritage pork. Rich in natural flavor, it is a great addition to any meal.

Back 4T Farms SUPER popular smoked bacon. One pound of bacon from our heritage breed, pasture raised pigs.


1 Package of sliced Back 4T Farms Heritage Smoked Bacon (1 lb.)

Ingredients: Pork belly, spices, maple syrup, cane sugar, sodium nitrite

Please read this article to understand why we use sodium nitrite.  We also try to use the cleanest spices and no junk.

*Please note that not all of our pork products are labeled with the USDA organic label.  ALL of our pork is raised beyond organic standard and most of our hogs (minus breeding stock) are certified organic.  However, if we get pork processed at a USDA facility, it will not have the label.  This is because there are NO USDA organic processors in Texas, there is only 1 Texas Inspected facility in the state.