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Organic Chicken Leg and Wing Box

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Organic Chicken Leg and Wing Box

Introducing our delectable Chicken Leg and Wing Box, featuring organic chicken legs and wings. Satisfy your cravings with our delicious and responsibly sourced option. And of course, perfect for a quick and healthy meal (or snack)!

With the ideal balance of tender chicken legs and succulent wings, this box offers a convenient option for all your culinary endeavors. Whether grilling, roasting, or frying, our organic chicken wings and legs are guaranteed to deliver a mouthwatering experience. 

As always, our organic chicken leg and wing box is set apart as our commitment to organic farming practices is a priority.

Furthermore, our organic chicken is raised:

  • without antibiotics 
  • without hormones
  • without synthetic dewormers
  • without vaccines
  • NO bleach or additives during processing
  • With 100% certified organic, corn and soy free, feed and pasture

Indulge in the goodness of our organic chicken leg and wing box. Experience the difference in taste and quality, and savor the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a conscious choice for your health and the environment. 

This box includes:

5 packages of wings (1 lb. each)

5 packages of legs (1-1.5 lbs. each)


The story of how we got here:

Raising chickens on pasture is a rather unusual to most. As more than 90% of the chicken, in the US, is raised in barns. What's more is these barns are dark, dusty, and confining.  Never allowing the chickens to see the outdoors. Even worse, they’re fed cheap feed, vaccinated (with who knows what,) bathed in chlorine (when processed,) and sold on a mass scale.  

However, when Jim and I founded Back 4T Farms we became dedicated to making sure that our birds have the best access to fresh organic grass, air, and sunshine everyday of their lives. Furthermore, this produces the highest quality, tender, juicy, and most nutritious chicken you’ve ever eaten.

All our broilers are raised in mobile range coops with about 4 square feet per bird. These coops are moved to fresh organic grass daily. With access to cool water at all times.

Moreover, 2024 is going to be a big year for us here at Back 4T Farms. We are going back to processing our own chickens!!  With the closure of one of the major chicken processors here in Texas, we made the decision to go back to doing it ourselves.

This allows for:

  • birds to be processed at the peak of production
  • NO bleach or additives when the birds are processed
  • cut and vacuum sealed for superior freshness immediately upon processing
  • more control over the type of cuts and product packaging

We are very excited about getting back to this and we hope you see significant improvement in the quality of our organic chicken as well!