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1/2 Organic Hog Box

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1/2 Organic Hog Box

Delight your family and loved ones with a taste of organic, home-grown pork! In addition, the 1/2 Organic Hog Box includes a selection of premium cuts, perfect for any occasion – from slow-cooked roasts to succulent barbeque. Furthermore, enjoy the farm-fresh flavor of a half hog today!

This 1/2 organic hog box is approximately 75 lbs. of meat.

It consists of:

  • 50% ground (including sausage)
  • 25% roasts (butt and shoulder)
  • 25% bbq cuts (pork chops, ribs, etc.)

This is an approximate breakdown of our hog box and subject to change due to availability of certain products. 


Shipping is NOT included for hog boxes and will add an ADDITIONAL $200 to each order, if you want it shipped. We do offer free delivery within 100 miles of Eden, TX.

If you are farther, you are welcome to meet us at one of our drops or, alternatively, at a half-way point. If you want to schedule delivery for your hog box please select "pick-up," at checkout. Additionally, put in the comment box that you are wanting to meet for delivery. 

The story of how we got here:

When Jim and I set out to raise pigs we had two main goals:

  • First, to raise the best quality and cleanest pork in the U.S.
  • Second, to raise hogs in the most piggy-ness way by allowing them to root, lay in the sun, and take mud baths. Since 2021 we have been doing just that.  

The result has been beyond our expectations.  Our pork is dark, flavorful, and melts in your mouth.  Moreover, our hogs are treated with the utmost respect. Additionally, we take their care very seriously and raise them with the least stress possible to produce the cleanest most delicious pork available on the market today.  

We are also the ONLY certified organic pork producer in the state of Texas!! Get your 1/2 Organic Hog Box today!